Perspektywy Women in Tech


How are we – and why we do not say anything about the virus?
This is simple. Because we want to start acting and involve you as well.
The world will remain closed for a while still
– but our Perspectives remain wide open.
What we currently learn about ourselves, about the meaning of technology,
about the new definition of reality
– the “new normality” – is priceless knowledge.
The knowledge we must build on.
Take a deep breath and create the NEW.
So strong Aloha!
See what we have prepared for you in Perspektywy Women in Tech!

Women in Tech Days 2020 - online festival

Virus-resistant fields – Girls as Engineers! 2020

Women in Tech Days is the first online festival for women in technologies – the perfect thing for the social isolation time. The newest project from the Perspektywy Women in Tech is a part of the IT for SHE program, addressed to students and PhD students in technical and science faculties.

As part of this festival on 27-29 April there will be a series of hot tech-talks, workshops focusing on technical and soft skills, meetings (1:1) with mentors – employees of the best tech companies (incl. Intel, Ericsson, Goldman Sachs, Accenture), career consulting and many more.

Learn more at

The 14th edition of our cult classic event, Girls as Engineers!, will be held on 23 April -100% online. This time, in cooperation with 15 technical universities and science departments of regular universities, we have prepared a special event to support young people in their difficult educational decisions. In the current situation many students in their final year of high school, as well as their parents, are wondering which studies and jobs to select to have a chance of some stability during the coming global crises? We, of course, recommend technical and science (STEM) studies!

The schedule is at

Leave the quarantine with your own startup

WWW - all the Perspektywy Women in Tech projects in one place

In the times of the pandemic Perspektywy Women in Tech offers special, open and free consulting of the ideas for innovative scientific and tech businesses as part of the Shesnnovation Academy program, realised together with the Citi Foundation and Kronenberg Foundation. The program’s excellent Mentors are available for everyone who believes this is a good time to define the business model for their own STEM startup.
Contact us by email at

Come and visit our new website
For the first time – all our project and research activities in one place!
Make yourself at home! :)


- How do the global women leaders deal with the coronacrisis? Is their style of action really different from the traditional? What are the results? Read the Forbes article - What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders

IT for SHE mentor for the hard times


Scholarships for the most talented female IT students in Poland

For the fourth time we encourage the women studying IT to apply to the IT for SHE mentoring program. 40 exceptional Mentors from the best tech companies will share their expert knowledge, experience, and good advice. The mentoring program is a part of the IT for SHE project selected by the European Commission as the best activity supporting women in technologies in Europe. The IT for SHE partners include the leading high tech companies – Citi, Google, Intel, P&G, Goldman Sachs, Natwest, Ericsson, Accenture.

The sixth edition of the New Technologies for Girls program is under way. This is the first grant program in Poland for the young women who see their future in the new technologies. Perspektywy in cooperation with Intel Technology Poland, again offers the young female high school graduates and engineering and MA students a unique support and development plan.

Those who qualify for the program will be under the care of a Mentor – one of the experienced Intel employees. They will receive a grant of PLN 12 000 (gross).


This is all from us for today! See you online!
All the best in these strange times,
Perspektywy Women in Tech Team



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