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Are you waiting for 8 March?
We are not. For us, Women’s Day is a daily standard for operation.
What does it look like in practice? In Spring we dance TOGETHER, we research female leadership in technology, we invite high school students to technical universities,
we teach students Java and management,
we mentor and invite to the Women in Tech Days.
No reason to wait! Come with us :)

We will research female leadership together

We will research female leadership together

Dear Team Leader, Manager, “Head,” Director, COO, CFO, CEO, Science Group Chairwoman, Chairwoman of a student body or organisation, Company Owner, Women with ambition in science and innovation! Dear LEADER in Technology!

PARTICIPATE IN THE SURVEY in which we will discover the secrets of female leadership together! We will find out where do FEMALE LEADERS really come from.

What are their traits and competencies and how do they work on them? What do they have to say to us? What is important to them and why they are important - to the world and its future?

We are surveying Polish Ladies - Millennials, born 1975-2001.
The survey participants will also take part in a COMPETITION with PRIZES!


Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance

This video was made during the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit. Wonderful women active in technologies all over the world participated in its creation. Would you like to join in? The deal is simple: Dance with us like nobody’s watching!

Join the Perspektywy Women in Tech team!

Join the Perspektywy Women in Tech team!

Intensywny, bezpłatny kurs JAVA

Intensive, free JAVA course

Do you believe in the power of women in technology and would like to make the change with us? Join our team. We are small but agile and ambitious and we would love to meet you :)

We are looking for engaged project managers with at least 3 years of experience and for a student who would like to learn project management with us.

Write to Sandra!

Do you crave JAVA? A looooot of JAVA? We are launching the Tech Skills Master Academy (JAVA edition), realised together with Accenture!

In this programme you will participate in a 2-weeks (12-23 April), intensive training (8 hours a day!), you will learn Java Core from scratch, develop your object programming skills, get to know the basics of testing and work with databases, Spring and Hibernate, as well as team tools- Git, Jira.

The programme is intended for graduates and students who know the basics of SQL and object programming. We are waiting for applications until 22 March! The number of places is very limited - apply fast. MORE

Girls As Engineers! 2021 - record participation from universities!

Girls As Engineers! 2021 - record participation from universities!

We are starting the preparations for the 14th (!) edition of the Girls as Engineers! Girls Go Science. This year a record. record 20 universities decided to participate! Among them are the best technical universities and science faculties of general universities. Together we are preparing a very special event for 22 April - the National Open Day for Girls - “Directions of the Future,” for high school students from all over the country. We will try to persuade them to try engineering, IT or scientific studies. More:

On 8 March (after all!) we are starting recruitment for development programmes! Stay tuned!

On 8 March (after all!) we are starting recruitment for development programmes!

LeaderSHEp in Tech Academy - a development programme for young female tech leaders

Intel-Perspektywy Grant - New Technologies for Girls - PLN 12,000, mentoring, internship

IT for SHE Mentoring - development for ambitious tech studies students and graduates, with mentors from the best tech companies
Stay tuned!

A horse named Rose

A horse named Rose

We are proud to announce that we have adopted a Przewalski’s horse in the Warsaw ZOO. Przewalski’s horses are a species considered extinct in the wild. Its adoption was a prize in the pro-ecological “Where is Panda?” competition, held during the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2020. The winner was Christine Myers from the UK, who got to name the Horse: Rose. Rose will be with us all year. This is possible thanks to the support from Goldman Sachs. Thank you! We would also like to thank P&G, thanks to which we were able to donate PLN 1000 to the WWF during the same game.


Women in Tech Days 2021

Women in Tech Days 2021

Women in Tech Days - an online festival for women in technology - to be held on 25-26 May. It is intended for female students, PhD students in IT and sciences and young professionals. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality knowledge in the area of new technologies and to inspire and strengthen your technical and soft skills via workshops, meetings with mentors - employees of the best tech companies, career counselling - in sciences and business - and many other ways. See you there!

Stay tuned!
All the best! and.....
Be the change You want to see in the Tech World:)!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Team


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