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Wiser by 2021, we go our own way. Surely and decidedly. We see an entire new generation of young women in tech. They started their journey with us, they participated in the programs, they grew and spread their wings. Now they themselves are gaining more and more influence and co-creating the tech industry. They engage. Either in more and more prominent positions in global corporations, in small, but creative game-houses, heading their own startups, making waves in sciences, or somewhere in between – at the edges they created for themselves. And THEY NEVER WALK ALONE –– because they know ALL the women in technologies and that group, that network, keeps growing. Nothing can stop this force now.

In the new year the Perspektywy Women in Tech will focus on building the strong presence of women in technology with a series of complex activities. The main topics will be: Tech for climate, women's leadership and vision of the future presented by young people.

Wise Hope is our motto for 2022

Key dates and activities in 2022

14 January - Launch of the female startup incubator Shesnnovation Academy (3rd edition) – Partner: Citi Foundation and Kronenberg Foundation

20 January - Start of recruitment for the LeaderSHEp in Tech Academy program (2nd edition) – Partner: Motorola Foundation

25 February - Launch of the Girls in the Game - scholarship program for high school students – Partner: CD Projekt RED

8 March - Start of recruitment for the Intel-Perspektywy Grants for the best female IT students (8th edition) – Partner: INTEL

Start of recruitment for the IT for SHE Mentoring Program (6th edition) – Partners: Accenture, Ericsson, Kronenberg Foundation – Citi Handlowy, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Motorola Solutions, NatWest, Point 72, Procter & Gamble

7 April - Country-wide Girls as Engineers! and Girls Go Science! Open Day - an event for high school seniors held in cooperation with technical universities and science faculties (15th edition!)

7-8 June - Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022 – the biggest event for women in technology in Europe! Warsaw, EXPO XXI and online

Report launch - “YES Future! What future do young people wish to create: technologies, values, fight for the planet”, Partner: Citi Foundation and Kronenberg Foundation

Summer 2022 - IT for SHE Kids - Tech-Volunteering in small communities all over Poland (6th edition!) Partners: Accenture, Ericsson, Kronenberg Foundation – Citi Handlowy, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Motorola Solutions, NatWest, Point 72, Procter & Gamble

Autumn 2022 - IT for SHE Educators Academy - free training in digital skills for teachers, Partners: Accenture, Ericsson, Kronenberg Foundation – Citi Handlowy, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Motorola Solutions, NatWest, Point 72, Procter & Gamble

Autumn/Winter - IT for SHE - Women in Tech Camp 2021 (5th edition!) Partners: Accenture, Ericsson, Kronenberg Foundation – Citi Handlowy, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Motorola Solutions, NatWest, Point 72, Procter & Gamble


Shesnnovation Academy – receiving applications!

Girls, the world of new technologies is waiting for your ideas! Join the 3rd edition of the Shesnnovation Academy and in 6 months, with our help, turn your idea into business reality. 25 tech startups have already been created thanks to Shesnnovation. Yours may be next! In the program you have the chance to receive support from exceptional Mentors – great stars of the tech business, CEOs of companies and successful startups, a series of workshops on the art of business, as well as advice from the notable experts from the industry, tailored to your needs. We will wait for your application only until 23 December 2021. Do not wait and start this adventure today!

1518 applications for Girls in the Game!

Over one and a half thousand young women decided to join the game for scholarships and mentoring in gaming and gamdev. From among them the program organisers – the Perspektywy Education Foundation and CD PROJEKT RED, Poland’s biggest game development studio, known worldwide for its games (incl. The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077) – will choose 20 winners who will receive a one-year scholarship of PLN 1000 per month and individual mentoring help from the CD PROJEKT RED experts, as well as participating in a series of workshops devoted to various aspects of video game creation

Camp 2021 – Happiness in the snow!

From 6 to 9 December the Women in Tech Camp took place again. 300 people participated. It was wonderful – intensive, inspiring, positive, white and beautiful! During this 4-day event 160 incredible students, clever and full of energy, passionate about new technologies came together. The Camp participants arrived in Bukowina Tatrzańska (for some of them as good as the end of the world) from 34 universities all over Poland, as well as several high schools. Now they will go on to change the world for the better. 45 high quality technological and soft skills workshops took place, conducted by the best experts from our partner companies, Role Model sessions with 5 incredible women from the new technologies world, as well as an exclusive Career Fair.

Gender Equality Plans – revolution at universities

A great change is coming. The European Union set firm rules for all the public institutions – including universities – who want to apply for the Horizon Europe funds. And this the largest instrument for financing scientific research in this continent. From 2022 they all need to implement Gender Equality Plansstrategies for combating inequality in careers, governing bodies, and salaries, as well as discrimination and sexism. The Perspektywy Foundation engages in supporting universities and research institutes in the efforts of designing such organisational changes. It held two webinars on the subject – 500 persons participated in total! They also provide individual consultations on this issue. WEBINAR


Be the Change You want to see in the Tech World!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Team

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