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JOIN THE GAME! This fall the girls join the game and change the rules! Literally, because for the beginning we plan to shake up the video game industry! We believe that passion, energy and new ideas of the youngest generation of gaming enthusiasts will be very useful in the Polish gamedev. Why? Almost 47% of the Polish gamers are women, so it is about time for about the same share to join the video game developers. Gamedev needs women on board – talented artists, young programmers, writers, designers, graphic artists, animators and producers.
This is why on 1 October 2021 we are launching the first mentoring and grant programme of this type in Poland: Girls in the Game! co-organised with CD PROJEKT RED, the main Polish game developing studio creating video games known worldwide (e.g., The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077).

The power of gamedev – one of the world’s fastest developing IT industries – has been co-created by women from the very beginning. It is time for their presence to be better recognised and appreciated!

What do girls want in education? The nitty-gritty. And also the possibility of deciding for themselves what is important to them: in what way they want to develop, what to study, and where to build their careers. They want to take up challenges bravely and without limitations, to destroy stereotypes, to cross boundaries. And to change the rules of the game.

This is the assumption made by the organisers of Girls in the Game! Poland’s first mentoring and grant program addressed to young women in senior years of high school from smaller towns and cities (up to 50,000 inhabitants), interested in gaming and new technologies. The program was launched on 1 October 2021.


Women in Tech Camp – IT FOR SHE 2021

On 6 December, in the lovely scenery of Bukowina Tatrzańska, the 4th edition of Europe’s biggest themed camp for women in IT, Women in Tech Camp, will start. This four-day event, organised as part of the IT for SHE programme.


Best in IT

We have chosen the Winners of the 7th edition of the Intel-Perspektywy grant program for the best girls in new technologies. 25 young high school seniors and university students in IT and related specialities from all over Poland will receive their grants from the “New Technologies for Girls” program during the official Inauguration Gala on 12 October.


Educator’s Academy – tech companies support education

We would like to invite you, on 21 October, to the third and final “Educators’ Academy” seminar, part of the IT FOR SHE program, titled “Girls in Technologies & Children’s Education.” During the online meeting we will find out, among other things, how to utilise the potential of women working in tech companies; how to encourage activity during online classes and what tools to use to make the classes interactive.


Technological Education for the Youngest

Within the “IT FOR SHE Kids” volunteering program we have implemented 35 educational projects in primary schools in small towns and villages by January 2021. 27 more schools from all over Poland are to participate in the program by the end of October 2021.


Partners zone

If coding is your passion, then we are looking for you!

Sign up for the international 36-hour hackathon to test yourself in a task created by Google Cloud experts and win the grand prize of $5,000 in cash. G Hack by Devoteam G Cloud features two rounds where you will not only have the opportunity to develop your skills while solving challenges with your team but also get tips from the best experts in the industry.


Be the Change You want to see in the Tech World!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Team


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