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When the ghost of a pandemic stopped the economy all over the world
and forced us to stay home, ten young women with a vision,
the Shesnnovation Academy, participants, did not hesitate to start their own businesses.
What is more: they got to develop their own,
innovative ideas in the advanced technology and science industry
- still a very rare choice for women.
10 unique startups have been created,
and we will learn all about them on 28 May during the online Gala

The "Shesnnovation" GALA

The Finale Gala of the "Shesnnovation Academy" will be held online, on 28 May at 12.00-17.00 at the Hopin platform. It will feature Janina Bąk (Janina Daily) and Stefan Batory, CEO of Booksy. It will also include the launch of the "Women in Technologies 2020" report by the Perspektywy Foundation and Citi Foundation. 10 newly-minted, fearless startupperes will participate in the pitching competition and fight for prizes and attention from investors. You are all heartily invited to participate!

The GALA program


"Women in Technologies 2020" Report

During the Gala we will also premiere the "Women in Technologies 2020" report, presenting the image of the modern professional woman building her career in the tech industry. The presentation will feature Dominika Bettman, the CEO of Siemens, and Dr Bianka Siwińska, the Report's scientific coordinator. The Report has been prepared on the basis of a survey for 1000 respondents and it provides knowledge about such things as reasons why women start taking interest in the STEM area (technical and scientific fields, mostly related to modern technologies and IT);

about the course of careers of women in high tech industry, problems related to combining different roles (professional and personal - of a mother) and with presence in an environment dominated by men (sexism, the issue of female solidarity etc.), and about their willingness to create startup businesses.

Stars of the Gala:

Janina Bąk (Janina Daily)

Booksy is back

The author of the best-selling book "Statystycznie rzecz biorąc, czyli ile trzeba zjeść czekolady, żeby dostać Nobla?" (Statistically speaking, or how much chocolate you need to eat to bet a Nobel Prize?), a virtuoso of mathematical play, lover of seals and statistics, will tell you what you need to do to be loved? Effective techniques for analysis of the market and the clients' needs.

Hear about the great comeback of one of the most spectacular global startups with Polish roots - Booksy - from the edge of business failure due to the COVID-19 crisis from its creator, a brilliant serial entrepreneur - Stefan Batory. He will connect with us from the heart of the Silicon Valley.

10 Fearless Startuppers or who we will meet at the Gala:

  1. Joanna Baran and the startup GAW, which develops the idea of a plant incubator (using electrostimulation to speed up plant growth and improve their resistance to pests or disease).
  2. Brygida Dzidek and the startup Haptology sp. z.o.o., which develops virtual touch (a microcontroller for touch sensations in the shape of a ring, emitting touch sensations received by the user's palm).
  3. Joanna Trojak, a programmer, and her productivity chatbot, maintaining individual mentoring with some outsetanding tech business experts.
  4. Anna Gorzkiewicz and her idea for a platform for scientists, using AI to analyse the content of millions of scientific articles (the NLP algorithms that "understand" semantics, grammar and sentence context).
  5. Katarzyna Koba who is creating a special app allowing the user to experience synaesthesia (intended for e.g. psychotherapists or physiotherapists using sensory integration tools when working with children oversensitive to sensory stimuli).
  6. Joanna Koloch and her CoWallet app, for creating group smart-budgets and settling joint finances.
  7. Aneta Michalska and her VEG ProBio startup, working on the formula for plant equivalent of dairy
  8. Marta Podrażka, a scientist, and her business Sensoliq, working on a portable tool for testing the quality of potable water (a pen drive-sized electronic tongue).
  9. Agata Szczeszak, a scientist, and her business developing a method for securing documents (e.g. securities) using the lanthanide luminescence (rare earth elements).
  10. Wiktoria Dziadula and her idea for a 3D catalogue for architects and a VR and AR visualisation system using a digital database of furniture and decorative elements.

Shesnnovation Academy


The Shesnnovation Academy is an innovative acceleration program for women-led startups based on advanced technological and scientific solutions, implemented by the Perspektywy Education Foundation and the Citi Foundation, with support from the Kronenberg Foundation. Within it, despite the pandemic, 10 tech startups led by young, brave, visionary businesswomen were created within 6 months. We will celebrate this strength and bravery on 28 May during the online Gala.

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We are delighted to invite you to the Shesnnovation Gala.
Let's meet together online!


This is all for today! See you online!
All the best in these strange times,
Perspektywy Women in Tech Team


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