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In 2021 we feel it stronger than ever before: the world is at a crossroads.
We really need a vision of the future and a completely new narrative.
We really need a new type of leadership, focused on wider perspective, on sustainable existence, compassion, and responsibility.
Women are becoming such leaders more and more often. We can see that in the fight against the pandemic effects, or during the social and political protests.
For the first time in history women are truly realising their potential, changing the world and standing up for themselves.
In Poland, in Belarus and everywhere, women’s voice can be heard. And it is strong.
We here, at Perspektywy Women in Tech, are making sure that it can also be heard, and heard well, in technology. Because it is technology and a wise humanistic reflection that, together, have a chance of saving the world.
The condition is increasing women’s participation in technology. From a little girl who has the right to experience some tech inspiration just as much as her brother does, to innovative female entrepreneurs, scientists, programmers and architects, to the future leader who will accept responsibility for key technological choices in fighting the climate change.

We want to create this change with you.
The GAME is on! Welcome in 2021!

Key dates and activities in 2021

This year the Perspektywy Women in Tech will focus on building the strong presence of women in technology with a series of complex activities. New extremely important topic will be female leadership.

  • 8 March - launch of the LeaderSHEp in Tech Academy programme (New!) - Partner: Motorola Foundation
  • 22 April - Countrywide Girls as Engineers! and Girls Go Science! Open Day - the event for high-school seniors, realised together with technical universities and science faculties (online) (14th edition!)
  • 25-26 May - Women in Tech Days 2021 -- knowledge, career, mentoring - an online festival for students of IT/computer science and related subjects (2nd edition)
  • 28 May - Shesnnovation Startup Pitching Competition - the competition for the best women-founded STEM startup (2nd edition) Partner: Citi Foundation and L. Kronenberg Foundation
  • 31 May - launch of the Report: "Female Leaders: How They Change the World " (New!) Partner: Citi Foundation and L. Kronenberg Foundation
  • Summer 2021 - IT for SHE for Kids - Tech-Volunteering in small communities all over Poland (5th edition!)
  • Summer 2021 - IT for SHE Educators Academy - free training in digital skills for teachers (New!) Partners: Intel, Ericsson, Goldman Sachs, P&G, NatWest, Accenture, Google
  • 5 October - launch of the > "New Technologies for Girls". grant programme - Intel-Perspektywy (7th edition)
  • 24-25 November - Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2021 (4th edition!)
  • 6-10 December - IT for SHE - Women in Tech Camp 2021 (5th edition!) Partners: Intel, Ericsson, Goldman Sachs, P&G, NatWest, Accenture, Google.

Summit 2020: Hope, Joy, and Technology

Summit 2020: Hope, Joy, and Technology

Shesnnovation: Kick off

Shesnnovation: Kick off

These were some crazy days, full of incredible energy (8-9 December 2020), which fired up the technological imagination and sharpened the minds of women all over the world. The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2020 brought together online 8,636 people from 103 countries! Every day the participants could enjoy 15 hours of inspiring, motivating and most current content from the technology industry, choosing from among the 7 concurrent channels of the Summit. In the evening of the first day we danced, and during the whole Summit we searched for endangered species of animals, someone even won a real Przewalski's horse! The Summit turned out to be the biggest and most exciting tech event in Poland and the biggest event for women in technology in our part of the world. You can read the Summit 2020 Summary here – DOWNLOAD, and see movie.

“Startup” is currently a very popular form of self-development, a source of income and a way to influence the world around us. But only 1 in 4 Polish startups has a woman in its founding structure, and even less have a woman as the main founder.

We want more women to forge their excellent ideas into technology businesses, therefore the Perspektywy Education Foundation together with the Citi Foundation with input from the L. Kronenberg Foundation has launched the “Shesnnovation Academy” programme – a free startup academy for women in STEM whose passions include the new technologies, science, and innovations.


Strefa partnerów

Businesswoman of the Year

Businesswoman of the Year

Businesswoman of the Year contest by Success written in lipstick is the oldest and largest initiative in Poland, which has been awarding unique businesswoman and businessman for 12 years, women who are not afraid to carry out business, social and cultural projects and men who support women in tir work environment and are realising the diversity policy

Apply to one of the open categories : Business of the Year, Startup of the Year, Woman Leader in Modern Technologies, Local Business of the Year, Social Activity, Family-friendly organisation, Tackling digital exclusion.

We are waiting for applications until February 14, 2021

Perspektywy Women in Tech is proud Partner of the competition

IT community Report

IT community Report

Let's create together the most detailed report on the IT community in Poland.

  • Compare your earnings and find out if it's time for a raise.
  • You will check the highest paying skills and find out if it's time to change your specialization.
  • You will see in which cities you earn the most and you will find out if it's time to relocate.

Only study participants will receive a detailed report free of charge and pre-premiere. You can still participate.

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Stay tuned!
All the best! and.....
Be the change You want to see in the Tech World:)!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Team


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