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We love the sun and we love summer!
Summer in Perspektywy Women in Tech is a time of wise action. For 5 years, IT for SHE volunteers have been visiting kids from the countryside and small towns, arousing their admiration for new technologies.
This year, 80 students of technical faculties are visiting over 2,000 homes online!
We are also starting the IT for SHE Educators Academy - classes for teachers on the use of new technologies in education. The lecturers here are experts from technology companies. Applause for them and their commitment. This summer is also the Summer of Women's Leadership. We have just given you a fresh Report on this subject! Our future Leaders - pariticpants of LeaderSHEp in Tech Academy are going to gather in Zegrze. Their plan is to prepare to take responsibility and create solutions in which technology serves the good of man and the planet.
Have a hot, smart summer!

IT for SHE - Educational classes for children from small communities are starting!

We have started another edition of the IT for SHE Volunteer Event. As part of this program young women studying IT and similar specialities are going to conduct online programming and new tech classes (IT for SHE Kids) for schoolchildren in grades 4-8 from small towns and villages all over Poland. The classes are to be conducted from July to October. This year's edition has 85 participants and 93 educational institutions applied to the program - there are going to be about 100 educational projects for 2 thousand children in Poland! The classes are to be co-conducted with experts from 9 tech companies, together with the Projektor Program.

EDUCATORS' ACADEMY - training for teachers

Registration for the 2nd edition of the IT for SHE Educators' Academy is ongoing. This means free online training sessions (26.08, 23.09, 21.10) during which there are going to be discussed issues such as online tools and platforms, net safety, online education - how to teach new technologies in 21st century, as well as teaching children and inspiring girls to join the IT world. The classes are goign to be co-conducted with experts from partner tech companies.


WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP - summer reading

What are the conditions of women's leadership in technology and science and how to support them? - this is the question that the creators of the "Women's Leadership 2021. Technologies, Business, Science," i.e., the Perspektywy Education Foundation and the Citi Foundation, asked themselves.

The Report was created as the result of a survey conducted among 750 women leaders - entrepreneurs, startuppers, managers occupying high positions in their companies, scientists with administrative responsibility at universities and research institutes, as well as young people demonstrating leadership abilities at universities. The goal of the report was to analyse the phenomenon of women's leadership in the millennial generation - one most active in the labour market.

"Women’s Potential 2021. Technologies, Business, Science" report was created within the "Shesnnovation Academy" program with the support from the Kronenberg Foundation. The report ebook (in Polish and English) may be downloaded HERE

Women in Agritech - EWA

Last weekend we launched the Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA) program. It is a project by the EIT Food and Perspektywy Education Foundation, with the objective of supporting women creating agritech and agrifood startups in the early stages of their careers, in order to utilise their potential, provide them with appropriate knowledge, support and access to a contacts network, so that they can successfully create and develop a sustainable business.The first training took place on 1-2 July and on 3 July, during matchmaking at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. There were official introduction of the mentoring pairs, program inauguration and two workshops. Now 10 program pariticpants are to spend 5 months working under supervision of notable mentors, take part in workshops, events and networking in order to develop their product/service that is to change the agricultural and food industry for the better.

The New Technologies for Girls program with record-breaking number of applications

The New Technologies for Girls grant program, organised by Intel and Perspektywy, turned out to be immensely popular among high school seniors and students! It gives a chance to obtain a grant in the amount of PLN 12,000, mentoring with Intel employees and an internship in the company's research and development centre! The applications collection has just finished - we received almost 850! The results of the first stage of enrolment will be released in August. We would like to give our heart thanks to all the universities and faculties engaged in the program promotion.


On 9-11 July in Zegrze near Warsaw there will be the first meeting of the LeaderSHEp in Tech Academy participants. Future leaders will meet each other for the first time, listen to inspiring characters - incl. Kamil Wyszkowski, head of the UN Global Compact Network Poland, who will tell them about the leadership needs in the fight against the climate disaster, explore the secrets of the Centered Leadership concept and prepare for the implementation of Tech4Good projects.

Be the Change You want to see in the Tech World!

Perspektywy Women in Tech Team


Poprzednie wydania 2021: Nr 1, Nr 2, Nr 3, Nr 4, Nr 5
Poprzednie wydania 2020: Nr 1, Nr 2, Nr 3, Nr 4, Nr 5

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